Making health sevices more accessible

VTG provides a call centre targeted at people who are suffering from depression, grief, trauma, or thoughts of suicide. Mental health issues are a serious challenge in Africa, and in West Africa, there are little infrastructures in place to enable people dealing with such issues to get better.

We successfully launched a call Centre in Togo along with a Mobile Health Care initiative, providing accessible healthcare to residents and a strong support system for those dealing with mental health issues.

Now, we are doing it all over again in Nigeria — the most populous black nation. What we learnt so far is that mental health issues are not prioritized among the people. A major reason is the culture of the people and pressures from society. Another strong reason is the stigma associated with visiting therapists or mental health councillors.

VTG model provides closure and convenience for residents to get the help they need in a very comfortable and private way for them.

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